Let the bloodsucking begin - Vlad Tepes the 3rd 

Vlad Tepes the 3rd you most likely don’t recognize the name but I am sure you recall the famous name Dracula. The Prince wasn’t just known as Dracula he was also Vlad The Impaler. The real story about this individual is much more fascinating than the movies led on.  But that is only if you’re into extra gory things unlike the whole draining a humans blood to feed thing. That in my opinion is boring. It is way more intense.

This man was a cruel person and did terrible things. In your opinion the worst serial killer you can think of and multiply that by 10,000. He was a merciless man towards all of his enemies. Although Vlad never lived in this castle for some reason or another his legend still haunts this establishment.

Allow me to talk about something better. The Bran castle also known as Dracula’s castle is actually for sale! If I had the money if only if only!! This medieval fortress a whole 22 acres and 57 rooms but wait…no bathrooms?! It is indeed, on the market. The current price tag is... well there is no specific price tag on this. The Romanian government placed a bid at $80 million but the most important thing is that this amazing historical monument is taking care of.

If you have loads of money and are fascinated by this legendary spot on earth…need I say more? Endless possibilities here people. Shout out to Angelina Jolie and Brad know you want it.

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