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Wrestling History State Champions - Omaha Central High School

Champions: 119

1930-Alfred Cattano, A155; Charles Sexton, A145.

1933-Shelley Condon, AHwt.tie

1935-Dominic Campagna, A115; George Seeman, AHwt.

1936-Vitale, A105, Hornstein, AHwt.

1937-Truscott, AHwt.

1938-Evans, A85; Young, A115

1939-Bill Slyter, A85; Louis Caniglia, A95; William Padouzek, A135; Sam Campagna, A145; Nuncio Pomidoro, AHwt.

1940-Gene Evans, A95; Louis Caniglia, A115; Jerry Campbell, A125; Joe Scarpello, A155; Victor Boker, A165

1941-Art Sholkofski, A85; Don Payton, A95, Harold Baker, A135; Bob Kriss, A145; Joe Scarpello, A155, Victor Boker, A165

1942-Art Sholkofski, A95; Vito Sutero, A105; Don Payton, A112; Gene Evans, A133; Harold Boker, A138; Kenneth Leibee, A145; Joe Scarpello, A165

1943-Sam Kais, A85; Joe Vacanti, A105; Harvey Meehan, A124; Walter Podrouzek, A130; Ken Leibee, A155

1944-John Nyberg, A85; Sam Kais, A105; Joe Vacanti, A118; Lou Rotella, A124; Harvey Meehan, A130; Herbert Reese, A155; Ross Gorman, AHwt.

1945-John Nyberg, A95; Joe Vacanti, A118; Sam Kais, A124; Fred Pisasale, A130; Louie Rotella, A136; Dave Mackey, A145; Herb Reese, A165

1946-Ed Moses, A130; Louie Garrotto, A136; David Mackie, A155; Herbert Reese, AHwt.

1947-Henry Nyberg, A105; Frank Ostranic, A118; Frank Mancusco, A124; Louis Gorrotto, A145; David Mackie, A155; Herb Reese, AHwt.

1948-Richard Nigro, A118; Frank Mancusco, A130

1949-Mike Abboud, A85; Bob Mancusco, A95; Jim Farris, A118; Jim Kais, A136; Frank Mancusco, A145

1950-Perry Ray, A85; Ron Abboud, A95; Jim Kais, A145; Don Wright, AHwt.

1951-Jerry Davis, A95; Ron Abboud, A112; Mike Abboud, A118; Ray Farris, A145; Joe Prucka, A165

1952-Jerry Davis, A103; Mike Abboud, A133; Leonard Rosen, AHwt.

1954-Bill Hudgins, A95; Dave Roseland, A133

1955-Bill Hudgins, A112; Dave Roseland, A154; Eli Watkins, A165; Jim Goermar, AHwt.

1956-Louis Miloni, A112; Bill Hudgins, A120; Jim Goermar, AHwt.

1957-Louis Miloni, A120

1958-Louie Butera, A120; George Crenshaw, A165

1959-Charles Whitner, A127; Leonard West, A133; Andre McWilliams, A145

1960-Dick Bottorff, A103

1961-James Gary Brown, AHwt.

1964-Adrian Caldwell, A154

1968-Tony Ross, A165

1969-Tony Ross, A175

1970-Tom Vincentini, A185

1972-Kim Fullerton, A98; Robert Fullerton, A105

1976-Terry Conyers, A98

1977-Terry Conyers, A105

1979-Leonard Hawkins, A155

1980-Kevin Kimsey, A145

1981-Pernell Gatson, A155

1982-Pernell Gatson, A167

1989-Dominic Phillips, A125

1990-Keith Tooley, AHwt.

1993-Jason Brilz, A160

1994-Jeff Casady, A103

1999-Ray Kizzee, A140

2006-Guy Smith, A130

2009-Tyrell Galloway, A119

2010-Skylar Galloway, A140

2011-Ronald Wells, A125

Ron Abboud - Central High School is an outstanding four-year high school with a traditional college preparatory curriculum and reputation for academic excellence. Our graduates gain admission to many of the finest colleges and universities in the United States.

In addition to our outstanding academic program, we offer our students a tremendous variety of co-curricular activities. We believe these activities are an integral part of a well-rounded educational program.

Central enjoys an extraordinary degree of loyalty from its alumni. They are proud to have attended Central and often attribute their success in higher education and careers to the preparation they received while here. Central in turn takes great pride in the accomplishments of its graduates.

Enjoy your exploration of the Central High School web site. You will learn much about our curriculum, activity program, history and accomplishments.

The mission of Omaha Central High School is to continue a tradition of excellence emphasizing academic achievement, responsible global citizenship, pride in diversity, and enduring scholarship.

War Casualties - Ron Abboud - Centeral High School
Hall of Fame.

Honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms.

World War I Memorial

World War I 1917 – 1918 (23 casualties)
Central High School
In Honor of Those Who Served
In Memory of Those Who Died

Howard Bittinger 1912

Marion Crandall

Dean Davidson 1910

Harry Fearn

Kenneth E. Hatch 1910

Herbert W. Hatz 1914

Arthur Brandon Howell 1910

Guy Howell

Russell G. Hughes

Harold C. Kelley 1914

Richard J. Kissane

Peyton C. March

Jarvis J. Offutt

Richard Page

William B. Peterson

Bryan Sackett 1915

Waldo E. Shellington

Chatfield C. Staley

Elmer S. Stovel

Ernest Stuehrk

Egbert Weeks 1913

Ellsworth C. Wood

World War II Memorial A-D

World War II 1939 – 1945 (79 casualties)
Central High School
In Honor of Those Who Served
In Memory of Those Who Died

Ambrose, Staff Sgt. Emil F. - Class of 1942
ASN 37468918, 235th Bomber Group, 8th Air Force. Shot down in a B17 over Hengelo, Holland, January 30, 1944. Buried in West Lawn Cemetery in Omaha.

Barber, 1st Lt. Charles E. – Class of 1938
072575, USAF. Shot down by Japanese fighters over Wewak, New Guinea, September 2, 1943

Bealer, Pvt. Frank - Class of 1944
ASN 37751416, 275th Infantry Regt. Killed near Zingzing, France, February 24, 1945.

Beem, 2nd Lt. Gerald - Class of 1937
Crashed in his Flying Fortress over Musselshell, Montana, December 8, 1942.

Bernstein, PFC Melvin - Class of 1940
Co.G, 87th Mountain Infantry Regt. Killed April 22, 1945, near Bemporto, Italy. Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha.

Boker, 2nd Lt. Victor - Class of 1941
USAF. Killed October 8, 1944, in a training accident near Nadzab, New Guinea.

Bordy, 1st Lt. Harold - Class of 1942
ASN 074002, 93rd Fighter Squadron, 81st Bomber Group. Killed when his P47 exploded at Gushkara AAF Base, Bengal, India, October 6, 1945. Buried in California.

Brookman, 1st Lt.William M. - Class of 1934
Member of advanced flying school, Bradley Field, CT. Killed in training flight June 25, 1944.

Brown, 1st Lt. Richard C. - Class of 1932
0727161, 67th Bomber Squadron, 8th Air Force. Killed March 22, 1943, after his B24 was shot down near Helgoland, Germany as he parachuted into heavy seas.

Burkett, 2nd Lt. Jack V. - Class of 1939
Member of 82nd Bomber Squadron, 12th Bomber Group. Killed July 20, 1943, near Palel, India.

Christie, Cpl. Bill Burton - Class of 1933
33045025, 1st Calvary Division. Killed at San Jose, Leyete, Philippine Islands October 21, 1944. Buried in West Lawn Cemetery, Omaha.

Chuda, Pfc. Jack R. - Class of 1938
ASN 371585, 4th Marine Division. Buried inWest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha.

Cottingham, Pfc. John P. - Class of 1943
17148826, ASTP replacement, H.Q. Company, 1 st Bn, 289th Infantry, 75th Division. Killed April 25, 1945 at Gevelsburg, Germany.

Culver, Capt. Howard - Class of 1926
PT instructor. Died in car crash en route to Colorado Springs, Colorado, November 24, 1942.

Devereaux, Lt.William S. - Class of 1929
Naval intelligence officer. Killed in a crash over Solomon Islands, August 5, 1943.

Dimke, 2nd Lt. George R.
01317895, member 2nd Infantry Regt, 5th Division. Killed November 10, 1944 near Pont a. Mosson, France.

Dworak, Ensign Lloyd A - Class of 1941
Killed in a crash of his navy fighter during a training flight at Vero Beach, Florida, January 6, 1945.

World War II Memorial E-K

Enochson, Kenneth D.
No available information.

Ferryman, 2nd Lt. Lee D. - Class of 1936
Co-pilot of an 8th Air Force Bomber. Killed in a raid on Muenster, Germany, March 9, 1945.

Forcade, Richard A. - Class of 1940
Pilot Instructor. Killed in a crash at Thunderbird Field, Arizona, December 30, 1943.

Frudenfeld, Seaman 1st Class Monte
Killed December 30, 1944 near Mindoro, Philippines, when a Japanese kamikaze plane hit his ship in the U.S.S. Orestes.

Giangreco, 2nd Lt. John M. - Class of 1942
02007589, 394th Bomber Squadron, 5th Bomber Group, 13th Air Force. Killed when his B24 bomber collided with another American bomber near Morotai, New Guinea, April 30, 1945

Gilmore, Staff Sgt. Richard E. - Class of 1942
37471611. Sgt. Gilmore was a radio operator-gunner on a B17 flying out of Italy over Germany. His plane was shot down March 22, 1945, over Oschatz, Germany, and the crew bailed. Sgt. Gilmore was wounded but landed safely and was killed by German civilians before German soldiers arrived to capture the rest of his companions. He is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha.

Goldstein, 2nd Lt. Harry - Class of 1940
05487123, Co. C, 2nd Infantry Regt, 5th Division. Killed February 18, 1945 near Schwankweiller, Germany.

Grabow, 1st Lt. Richard - Class of 1937
04105441, Member of 509th Parachute Infantry Bn. Killed while leaving the cover of a ditch during a daylight attack over open terrain near Carano, Italy, on the Anzio Beachhead. Buried in American Military Cemetery at Nettuno, Italy.

Green, Pfc. Clark O.
Co. K, 132nd Infantry Regt. Killed September 26, 1943 in Bouganville, Solomon Islands.

Greenough, Richard
No available information.

Griffith, 2nd Lt. Paul W. - Class of 1937
01290326, Co. K, 143rd Infantry, 36th Division. Killed February 11, 1945, near Castellone, Italy. Buried in Italy.

Grove, Pfc. Norman Allen - Class of 1942
535081. Enlisted in the Marine Corps from Northwestern University in 1943 and was part of the 5th Marine Division invasion of Iwo Jima on February 18, 1944. On March 2nd while walking the point during a mopping up operation he was killed by a Japanese sniper. He is buried in Omaha.

Hansen, Capt. Donald D. - Class of 1934
025082, Member of the 898th Fighter Squadron, 809th Fighter Group. Died near Myitkyina, Burma. Buried in Millard.

Harrison, 1st Lt. Charles K.
01012834, 2nd Replacement Depot. Killed January 31, 1944 at Cassino, Italy.

Herrell, Pfc. George R.
37699107, 60th AIB, 9th Armored Division. Killed March 31, 1945 near Fritzlar, Germany. Buried in Margraten Cemetery, Netherlands.

Hickey, 2nd Lt. John H. - Class of 1940
No available information.

Horan Jr., Capt. Philip E. - Class of 1936
ASN 024752, Co. I, 414th Infantry Regt, 104th Division. Killed April 14, 1945 near Halle, Germany. Buried in Margraten Cemetery, Netherlands.

Humphreys, Capt. Howard - Class of 1938
ASN 0386259, Infantry Officer. In beleaguered status from December 8, 1941 to May 7, 1942 (Bataan-Corregidor campaign), reported missing May 7, 1942 and reported held by Japanese as POW May 7, 1943. Died April 21, 1945, in Fukuoka POWCamp #3, Japan, of sickness. Buried in Manila, Philippines.

Jackson, Pfc LewisW. - Class of 1939
37112476, AT Company, 19 th Infantry Regt. Died December 27, 1944 of a non-battle accident at Mindoro, Philippines. Buried in Ft. McKinley Cemetery, Manila, Philippines.

Jorgensen, 1st Lt. Eugene - Class of 1937
Missing in action near Ft. McKinley, Philippines, August 1942.

Kasal, Sgt. Robert - Class of 1933
17040532, 54th Troop Carrier Squadron. Died July 27, 1943, in a plane crash at Naknek, Alaska. Buried in Omaha.

Klein, Pvt. Sam - Class of 1943
17148855, Co. B, 337th Infantry Regt. Killed August 21, 1944, near Via Scala, Italy. Buried in Golden Hill Cemetery in Omaha.

Kriss, James L. - Class of 1939
No available information.

World War II Memorial L-O

World War II 1939 – 1945 (79 casualties)
Central High School
In Honor of Those Who Served
In Memory of Those Who Died

Larson,W. Donald - Class of 1941
No available information.

Ludacka Jr., John
No available information.

Lynch, Pvt. John
ASN 37461938, Co. B, 302nd Infantry Regt. Killed November 4, 1944 near Luwan, Leyte, Philippines. Buried in Manila.

Magzamin, Herschel - Class of 1939
Died of wounds June 8, 1945.

Marcum, 2nd Lt. Robert F. - Class of 1940
0698312, 751st Bomber Squadron, 457th Bomber Group. Killed over Eberswalde, Germany, September 12, 1944. Buried in Neuville en Condroz, Belgium.

Marcus, 2nd Lt. Jerome L.
01323793, 231st Replacement Company, 38th Replacement Bn. Died October 3, 1944 at Nancy, France. Buried in Golden Hill Cemetery in Omaha.
MacAlister, Bruce - Class of 1938 - No available information

McCartney, 2nd Lt. Sumner - Class of 1942
071132, Member of 791st Bomber Squadron, 467th Bomber Group. Killed during a raid over Hamburg, Germany, August 6, 1944. Buried in Elmira, New York.

McKenna Jr., 2nd Lt. Harold T.
01032101, 17th Calvary Reconnaissance Squadron. Killed September 3, 1944, at Brest, France. Buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Omaha.

Meyer, 1st Lt. Jack - Class of 1936
Died non-battle injuries.

Milder, 1st Lt. Harlan - Class of 1935
01284366, H.Q. Co., 183rd Infantry Regt. Killed March 21, 1945 near Zamboanga, Philippines. Buried in Golden Hill Cemetery, Omaha.

Milliken, 2nd Lt. JamesW. - Class of 1936
A bombardier in the USAF, he was lost in an over-water flight from Langley Field, Virginia, April 24, 1943

Moose, 2nd Lt. Robert A. - Class of 1935
8th Fighter Squadron, 49th Fighter Group. Killed in an air accident over Port Moresby, New Guinea, April 3, 1943.

Nelson, Robert - Class of 1936
Hospital Apprentice. 31732288. Died of disease October 3, 1943 in Hawaii. Buried in Pearl Harbor Cemetery.

Nestor, Ensign Charles E. - Class of 1938
Lost in a navy training flight over Puget Sound, Washington, in September 1943.

Nourse, 2nd Lt. Robert W. - Class of 1936
0405267. Died as a POW on a Japanese ship sunk by American fire January 9, 1945. Had been MIA since May 7, 1942 (Fall of Corregidor) and was reported held by Japanese on May 24, 1943.

Osborn, Sgt. Jack E. - Class of 1934
17129625, 306th Bomber Group. Killed February 22, 1944 in plane crash near Kirchen, Germany. Buried at Margraten Cemetery, Netherlands.

World War II Memorial P-Z

World War II 1939 – 1945 (79 casualties)
Central High School
In Honor of Those Who Served
In Memory of Those Who Died

1st Lt. Richard C. - Class of 1935
Co.G, 45th Division. Killed October 24, 1944 near Mortagne, France. Buried at Epinal, France.

Pound, 2nd Lt. Donald J. - Class of 1940
ASN 0549401, Co.E, 386th Infantry, 97th Division. Killed April 30, 1945, near Bohuslav, Czechoslovakia. Buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Omaha.

Putnam, 1st Sgt. Robert H. - Class of 1936
20721012, H.Q., 2nd Bn, 134th Infantry. Died August 8, 1944 or alternate date July 17, 1944 near La Cambe, France, of wounds received in action. POW? Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha.

Randall, Albert E.
No information available.

Reichstadt, 2nd Lt. Robert - Class of 1935
Died of non-battle wounds.

Reynolds, 1st Lt. Donald F. - Class of 1935
0387620, Co.I, 15th Infantry Regt, 3rd Division. Killed February 29, 1944 near Cisterna de Littoria, Italy. Buried in Tyndall, South Dakota.

Rimmerman, Ben - Class of 1932
No available information.

Rips, Pfc. Leonard - Class of 1942
17130978, Co. F, 141st Infantry Regt., 36th Division. Killed near Lepanges, France, October 8, 1944. Buried in Epinal, France.

Roessig Jr., 2nd Lt.Walter - Class of 1942
02069758, 60th Bomber Squadron, 39th Bomber Group, 20th Air Force. Killed May 26, 1945 during a mission over Tokyo. Buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Omaha.

Rosewater Jr., 1st Lt. Stanley MacAlvay - Class of 1934
01112404, Corps of Engineers. Killed January 7, 1946, in Passau, Germany, in a house fire. Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha.

Sacco, Pfc. Ignatius N.
39139675, 357th Infantry Regt. Died of wounds received in action near Blosville, France, May 19, 1945.

Shotwell, Capt. Gordon - Class of 1932
0343939, 507th Parachute Infantry. Killed March 24, 1945 atWe sel, Germany. Buried at Margraten Cemetery, Netherlands. Class of 1932.

Stryker, Pfc. James Baume - Class of 1942
11092645, Co. K, 116th Infantry Regt, 29th Division. Enlisted out of Yale summer of 1943, and was overseas by December 1943. He landed Omaha Beach D-Day, and was wounded at St. Lo. Stryker was hospitalized in England for a month before rejoining his outfit at the Siegfried Line, near Julich, Germany. He was killed in a minefield outside Gut Hazenfeld, December 5, 1944. Buried in Margraten Cemetery, Netherlands.

Sutphen. Capt. Frank E.
Died non-battle

Swanson, Major Stanley A. - Class of 1924
0262815, 127th Reinforcement Bn, Army Air Corps. Died at Heidelberg, Germany, May 13, 1945. Buried at St. Avold, France.

Towey, 1st Lt. Michael - Class of 1936
01315875, 2nd Infantry Regt, 5th Division. Killed March 24, 1945, at Mainz, Germany. Buried at St. Avold, France.

Truscott, Capt. Albert - Class of 1937
222nd Infantry, 42nd Division. Died of wounds in Germany, April 22, 1945. Buried in Seattle,

Washington.Wales, 1st Lt. George L. - Class of 1938
Died non-battle.

Weekes Jr., Staff Sgt. Ernest - Class of 1939
17098490. Member of an aircraft which crashed off the island of Bornhom, Denmark, April 11, 1944. One survivor parachuted and was rescued by a German PT boat.

Wellman, 2nd Lt. Robert H. - Class of 1940
0729684. Member of a crew of a 1B24 which crashed near Johnston Island in the Pacific on March 28, 1943.

Wilson, 1st Lt. Kenneth L. - Class of 1935
039823, Infantry officer. Killed near Mabatang (Bataan), Philippines, January 12, 1942.

Yergey, 1 st Lt. Stanley A. - Class of 1941
Air force. His B24 bomber was shot down over Hanover, Germany on November 26, 1944. Buried in the Santa Fe Military Cemetery.

Korean Conflict Memorial
Korean Conflict

Korean War 1950 – 1953 (79 casualties)
Central High School
In Honor of Those Who Served
In Memory of Those Who Died

Anderson, First Lt. Gerald Phillips - Class of 1940
SN 041115, C Co AMPH TRAC BN 1 AMPH TRAC BN 1 MAR Div, Marines.
Born October 22, 1922
Killed in Action November 7, 1950

Clegg, CPL Edward L. - Attended CHS in 1939 and 1941
RA 17148968, 5th CAV REGT (INF) -1st CAV, Army.
Born November 14, 1925
Killed in Action September 12, 1950

Dougherty Jr., PFC Vincent Paul - Class of 1951
SN 1065799, C Co 1 BN MAR RGT 1 MAR Div, Marines.
Born February 4, 1932
Killed in Action May 22, 1952

Goll, PFC William Robert - Class of 1948
SN 1065780, WPNS Co 1 BN 5 MAR RGT 1 MAR Div, Marines.
Killed in Action June 2, 1951

Logan, SGT Edward N. - Class of 1950
RA 37818431, 65th ENGR C BN - 25th INF Div, Army. Enlisted September 14, 1950.
Born October 9, 1932
Killed in Action June 8, 1952

McGrew, MSGT James R. - Attended CHS 1931 and 1932
RA 06575834, 2nd ENGR C BN - 2nd INF Div, Army.
Died while captured, November 30, 1950

Minikus, PFC Edward W. - Class of 1945
US 55010035, 7th INF REGT - 3rd INF Div, Army.
Born July 24, 1927
Died while missing on December 3, 1950

Rosenblatt, PFC Norman Meyer - Attended CHS in 1948
SN 651166, 1 Co 3 BN 5 MAR RGT 1 MAR Div, Marines.
Born February 25, 1932
Killed in Action September 26, 1950

Smith, CPL Myron James (Bud) - Class of 1947
SN 1084719, ANGLICO BN 1 ANGLICO 1 MAR Div, Marines.
Born November 14, 1929
Died while missing November 30, 1950

Swanson, First Lt. William - Class of 1942
SN 047409, 1 Co 3BN 1MAR RGT, 1MAR Div.
Born February 24, 1924

Vietnam War Memorial

Vietnam War 1955 – 1975 (12 casualties)
Central High School
In Honor of Those Who Served
In Memory of Those Who Died

On November 10, 1996, Central High School and honored guests dedicated a monument on the west porch of Central. This monument, generously donated by Jack Kidwiler (CHS 1964) and his family, memorializes those students who gave their lives in the Vietnam War.

Omaha Central High School Honors Its Students Who Were Killed In Vietnam.
These Names Are Inscribed In The Order They Were Taken From Us

William M. Roark – Class of 1956
Age 26. Lt. U.S. Naval aviator attached to carrier Coral Sea. Killed in air mission over Vietnam April 7, 1965. 1960 graduate of Annapolis. Married with three children. Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal, the Purple Heart, the Vietnam Gallantry Cross with palms, the Vietnam Campaign Medal, first class color with palm, the Vietnam Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and Vietnam's National Order Medal. Naval Destroyer escort ship, the USS Roark, named in his honor.

William D. Pinegar – Class of 1959
Age 23. PFC US Army, 1st Cavalry Division. Killed in a Viet Cong attack October 6, 1965. Time in Vietnam – about one month. Awarded the Purple Heart, the Vietnam Military Merit Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal, Gallantry Cross with palm, Gold Star Citation.

Ronald L. Gerry - Class of 1962
Age 21. PFC US Army, 69th Signal Battalion. Killed in Vietnam January 5, 1966. Time in Vietnam – 16 days. Awarded the Vietnam Service Medal, the Purple Heart, the Vietnam Military Merit Medal, 69th Signal Battalion containment area designated Camp Gerry in his honor.

Mack R. Sanders – Attended CHS in 1957-1958
Age 25. PFC US Army, 25th Infantry Division. Shot by sniper May 12, 1966. Married with two sons and two daughters. Time in Vietnam – three weeks. Awarded the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Vietnam Service Medal, the Vietnam Gallantry Cross with palm, the Vietnam Military Merit Medal.

Daniel J. Sandstedt – Class of 1964
Age 21. Sgt. US Army, 9th Division. Killed in combat June 19, 1967. Attended Creighton University. Time in Vietnam – six months. Awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Vietnam Campaign Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal, and the Combat Infantryman Badge.

Edward L. Neibur – Attended CHS in 1958-1961
Age 24. Navy 2nd Class Hospital Man serving with the Marines. Killed during the Battle of Khe Sang in the Quang Tri Province February 27, 1968. He graduated from Omaha Tech High with a nursing minor after attending Central for three years. He was married with one son when killed; a second son was born after his death. He was awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Vietnam Service Medal, and Vietnam Campaign Medal.

Samuel C. Maxwell, Jr. – Class of 1947
Age 41. Colonel, U. S. Air Force, F-105D Pilot. Missing in Action in combat over North Vietnam September 12, 1968. Remains returned to the USA June 21, 1989. He was a Captain when shot down and was promoted to Colonel while Missing In Action. His sister Dorothy Maxwell Hushes was also in the class of 1947. Awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, 13 Air Medals, Purple Heart, Vietnam Service Medal, and Vietnam Campaign Medal.

Milton A. Ross - Attended CHS until June 1967
Age 20. PFC US Army. Killed in action February 9, 1969. Time in Vietnam – one month. Awarded the Bronze Star, one Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman Badge, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon.

William W. Utts - Class of 1961
Age 26. PFC US Army, Americal Division. Died of combat wounds March 19, 1969. Graduate of the University of Omaha. Time in Vietnam – four months. Awarded the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman Badge, Vietnam Service Medal, the Vietnam Campaign Medal with 60 device, the Vietnam Military Merit Medal, and the Vietnam Gallantry Cross with palm.

Frank Spencer III - Class of 1967
Age 20. Cpl. US Army, Americal Division. Killed in combat in Vietnam January 23, 1970. Time in Vietnam – two months. Awarded the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star with Valor, the Vietnam Campaign Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal with one bronze Service Star, the Vietnam Gallantry Cross with palm, and the Combat Infantryman Badge.

Robert G. Hansen - Class of 1964
Age 24. S/Sgt. US Army. Killed in action August 7, 1970. Attended University of Nebraska at Omaha. Time in Army – one year. Awarded the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, Vietnam Service Medal, the Vietnam Campaign Medal, the Combat Infantryman Badge.

James W. Fous - Class of 1964
PFC US Army, 9th Division. Killed in action May 14, 1968. Attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Time in Vietnam – three weeks. Time in the Army – seven months. Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Vietnam Service Medal with one Bronze Service Star, the Vietnam Military Merit Medal, the Vietnam Gallantry Cross with palm. Citation for Congressional Medal of Honor: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. PFC Fous distinguished himself at the risk of his life while serving as a rifleman with Company E. PFC Fous was participating in a reconnaissance-in-force mission when his unit formed its perimeter defense for the night. PFC Fous, together with three other American soldiers, occupied a position in a thickly vegetated area facing a wood line. PFC Fous detected three Viet Cong maneuvering toward his position and, after alerting the other men, directed accurate fire upon the enemy soldiers, silencing two of them. The third Viet Cong soldier managed to escape in the thick vegetation after throwing a hand grenade into PFC Fous' position. Without hesitation, PFC Fous shouted a warning to his comrades and leaped upon the lethal explosive, absorbing the blast with his body to save the lives of the three men in the area at the sacrifice of his life. PFC Fous' conspicuous gallantry and extraordinary heroism at the cost of his life were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit the US Army.

Iraqi War Memorial

Two casualties as of August of 2011

Mulhair, Staff Sergeant, Jeremy Williams – Last Attended Central 1988
1st Squadron, 7th Calvary Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Calvary Division, Army
Killed in Action in Iraq November, 30, 2006
Age 35

Clamens, Staff Sergeant, Lillian "Lilly" Cobbin – Class of 1990
1st Postal Platoon, 834th Adjutant General, Army
Killed in Action in Iraq October, 10th, 2007
Age 35

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