Think you are a PRO at buying cars? 

Tips on buying cars both new and used.
As I surf Yahoo each day I am surprised at how many guides and tip articles are out there. Lets add one more! So many things come into play when buying a new car, Price reliability, features, styles… And with all auto makers stepping up their game all their choices can be dizzying.Okay lets start from the top

# 1. Salesman are human just like you so no need to be apprehensive talking to one. The less pushy they are and the more knowledgeable the better.

# 2. Do your research.  Know not only what the 3rd parties are saying about the cars you are looking at but do research on the dealerships you want to visit. Know if they are locally owned or if they are a Nationwide company. A benefit to dealing with a local company you know your money stays local, many Dealers donate not only time but lots of money to the local charities.

# 3. Check overall cost of ownership. If you can save 4-5 thousand when you first buy a specific car over another no one would complain right!? Now if you keep said car for a 3-5 years and you end up not only spending 500-1000 more each year to keep the car running properly you can easily rack up that 4-5 thousand in unexpected costs. Also that car that was 4-5 thousand cheaper when it comes time to trade it in, guess what it’s worth 4-5 thousand less than the other… Now you lost 4 thousand in resale and it cost another 4 thousand to operate and maintain over 3-4 years, now you lost 3-4 thousand dollars!

# 4. Go to the dealership knowing what you can afford.  No one on either side wants you in a car you cannot afford and are going to default on some time during the loan. You credit gets hit HARD and your chance of qualifying for another auto loan are slim. That would most likely keep you from buying another car from that dealer and keep you from referring friends and family to them.  Be aware they are a business and will try and make a profit, if they are professional knowing their product and providing excellent customer service why shouldn’t they. Now I say profit I mean a FAIR profit no dealer should make 10 thousand dollars off any one deal! If you feel you had a great experience and were well taken care of they deserve to be paid right? Many sales people are with their dealerships for extended periods of time and this is their career. You tip servers 15-20% and your real estate agent has a set commission why not compensate your sales professional (if they treat you as a professional should). If you get your finances in order before going in you will be able to streamline your overall time at the dealership, which brings me to …

# 5. Buying a car takes time it is the second biggest purchase of your life after all. Know the average car buying process takes 4-6 hours depending on your state and how much research you have done before hand. Don’t expect to be able to go pick a car pay and leave like a trip to your local supermarket. The State has many forms that need to be filled out properly for tax reasons. Also each dealership has a load of paperwork going to it’s actual Corporate office. Be patient and if you need to break the deal up into a few shorter trips they should work with you.

# 6. The final tip…. Ready for it…..    HAVE FUN!  You are buying a new vehicle and are spending your hard earned money you deserve the best car at a fair price and a great experience! Accept nothing less and once you find a dealership and more importantly a sales person who can deliver all of the above you may have found the right one.

If you are in Omaha Nebraska and/or looking to purchase a car call Justin Poland at 402-320-6957

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