Olympics Through Time


Instead Of Talking About The History Of Valentines Day

So Instead of talking about the history of Valentines Day I decided to talk about the Olympics through time.

We currently enjoy the Olympic coverage, every two years with the alternating winter and summer games each being on a four year cycle.  These games are held in all corners of the civilized world. The Olympic games are an array of sports ranging from combat to track and field style events. Not much unlike the first Olympics held roughly 900 B.C.

Ancient Olympic games were held in Greece and are known to be held in honor of Zeus. Instead of countries the competitors each represented their city-sate in the Greek Republic. Once again we observe a four year span between the games this is and was called an Olympiad. The games ranged from Wrestling to Chariot racing. The first documented winner of the Greek Olympic Games is Koroibos of Elis.
The Attire has also evolved greatly.

Wardrobe Malfunction

We now hear media stories of wardrobe malfunctions some Athlete tore this or their uniform was stitched backwards… in the Greek Olympics all of the Athletes competed completely nude as the Olympics were a celebration of the human form and evolution. To all of you reading and finding themselves wishing the games still had that same dress code remember Sports Illustrated always seems to have the Olympic episode where you can admire many athletes in their purest forms.

Olympia Greece To Sochi Russia

So from Olympia Greece to Sochi Russia enjoy all the games past and present but remember, the only things that have ever stopped the Olympics was a world war and Christianity.

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