Super Humans  

Super Humans… I have been reading a lot on some old but new “news” on Genetically modified humans.

It has me thinking. So we all know about Genetically Modified foods, plants and animals right? You know like a Liger, a mix between a lion and a tiger oh my! Yes they really do exist thanks to genetic modification. We have all of these mysteries like big foot, the Loch ness monster, the jersey devil and the Moth Man ECT... What if they all exist but were GM experiments gone wrong, wouldn’t that be nuts?! Okay but seriously I would really like to get back on the main subject here! Lets start with pros and cons of genetic engineering in humans. Some see it as a way to perfect our future by weeding out the bad like certain hereditary problems before babies are born. Having greater intelligence, strength or a much longer than average life span. I can see If people would consider this a con because it is immortality. But I think it would be badass if the movie X-men was real. Now for some cons, religion plays a big part for most. “Playing god” is a big no no. It takes one mommy and one daddy to make a baby or “babies,” that is how it has been since the beginning of time. However if scientists are making babies with two mommies and one daddy then that just goes against nature and pretty much everything we know. Hitler, remember him? He wanted the perfect race. Blonde hair, blue eyes. With GE that can be done, need I say more on why some may think that would be a con? With designer babies parents can pick out really any trait they want their children to have. Or even flaws that the parents see when they look in the mirror such as a big nose or a lazy eye… I would like to know your thoughts on human genetic engineering along with genetic modification. Also I would like to see thoughts on the article below. Click on the link…do it!!!

Source Article: Genetically altered babies born

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