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Written By: Amanda Abboud

What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you hear the name Miley Cyrus??? Hannah Montana? A nice girl acting as an appropriate role model for young kids, or the twerking, tongue always sticking out askew, wild never tame Miley? 
Don’t get me wrong Miley had made some nice movies along with her hit Disney T.V. show such as Big Fish, The Last Song and “LOL”. Now having a daughter myself I can only imagine how her father Billy Ray Cyrus feels about this new path she is taking on. Talking about smoking pot and doing “molly”, drinking, “twerking” blah blah blah. Who is this person? Talk about being rebellious and finding who you are but she is being hella extreme about it. Now this is my personal feeling but I would like to know how others feel about her. For instance what is the point of spending large amounts of money to fund a music video with her swinging naked on a wrecking ball? Not to mention making out with it. Bestiality is bad but what would you call this? Or her new video called adore you where she is under sheets with a video camera, memories of a controversial Paris Hilton sex tape come to mind as I first saw this, and she is yet again half naked fondling herself, putting her hands in between her legs and drawing attention to her mouth any provocatively way possible. What kind of message is the music industry trying to send?

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