Villisca Iowa Axe Murder 

Written By Amanda Abboud

Well if you are familiar with you’re haunted America, you should know about the famous Villisca axe murder house located in Villisca, Iowa. 

I personally am a huge fan of mysteries but not one for unsolved. 

No one was ever convicted of the murders though there were plenty of suspects including the state senator. 

The entire family of Josiah Moore, he, his wife, his four children and two young girls bludgeoned to death. 

I recently have been thinking about a little sleepover at the notable house that is known to have “paranormal activities”. 

I am throwing this out there but from the pictures I have seen …. The damn house needs a little tender loving care such as a paint job to the outside of it. It is a bit cliché… 

Can you tell I am a bit skeptic? I am going to need a lot more creepy evidence of this so called “haunted house” before I go and spend a stupid amount of money. 

I intend to get my moneys worth. Not just a good scare either I am talking about needing to be heavily medicated after. 

Ha just kidding. But seriously! I mean what makes it so haunted? I have found pictures and videos online of objects moving and outlines of faces…but that can be explained. Where are all of the ghost stories?! I have not found a single one online.

Maybe it is a coincidence that the house became "haunted" when the movie The Sixth Sense made its way into theaters. A wave of media attention followed the announcement that the house was haunted and much of it was reported without any reference or context within the known historical record. 
What's frightening about the Villisca axe murders is that someone could enter your home (the place where you feel most secure), murder you and your entire family and two guests while you're asleep (the time when you are most vulnerable), and get away with it.  
That's what'sreally scary about the Villisca axe murder story. So is it really haunted?

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